Motorcycle training system – a handy gear that could avoid bike theft

Besides maintenance, one of the most important things one should invest in his/her bike is a motorcycle alarm system. A motorcycle tracking system is a dual-purpose security device which helps to protect a motorcycle from thefts and also to retrieve it if lost or stolen motorcycle. Before you jump into any tracking system, be aware that there are many different systems available, each offering different sizes, features, and cost. The most important feature of this device is “accuracy”. The best tracking systems provide accurate information about a stolen motorcycle – a sure lead for authorities to take the appropriate measure.

Here are some common features of a motorcycle tracking system.

  • A flashing LED system
  • An audible siren
  • Two-way radio which sends a signal to a handheld receiver (which you carry)whenever your bike is being tampered with
  • Battery backup system – this enables some components to still function even when the electrical wires are cut.

There are other hidden or customizable features of this system.


Started from the bottom…

  1. Traditional Chain Locks, Wheel Locks, and Fork Locks

These locks are the oldest forms of motorcycle security. Though they have been effective to some extent they have been limited in so many ways. As their names imply, chain locks are used to secure a motorcycle to a stationary object, usually made of metal. Wheel locks and fork locks are commonly attached to the front rotor and the front forks of the motorcycle but have proven ineffective in this modern day as bikes can easily be carried into a truck.

  1. Remote Controlled Audible Alarm

This type of security system is an improvement over chains and locks. While other security measures utilize light flash, this one sends a signal to your remote control. The only downside to this type of system is that the owner must be within a specified range to receive the signal. Depending on the manufacturer, the range could range from a couple hundred feet to one mile. The question is how close can/will you always be to your motorcycle?


…now we’re here

GPS Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems are newer technology that can give you an adventurous experience when riding. These types of tracking systems are the most effective at recovering your bike. They guide you on unknown routes (downloading your routes to the device) and ensure that you don’t get lost ever again. Besides, GPS systems are designed to operate silently in the event that your bike gets stolen. Irrespective of how far or close (your distance) you are to your bike, a GPS tracking system got you covered in terms of safety. When installed on your bike, they upload its exact location so owners can access this information through the use of a web application. The exact location can then be delivered to authorities so that they can begin the recovery process immediately. GPS tracking systems offer constant and convenient tracking in real-time from a computer at any time. Those exclusively designed for motorcycles can offer bikers some very impressive features. Check out some Alex Motorcycles for some amazing offers.


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