According to the data set reports from Deaths registered in England and Wales (series DR), 533, 253 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2017 alone. With that figure, there has been a rising increase in the number of motorcycle accidents every year. While many lose their lives in this disastrous event, only a few live to tell the story. Quite clear, accidents cannot be averted but why is the number skyrocketing each day?

In this article, we will discuss several reasons for motorbike accidents and also offer expert tips of “what to do” if you are involved in an accident. Some of the main reasons for motorcycle accidents are:

Poor Road Maintenance: Many road users fall victim to an accident because of poor road maintenance. Motorcycle accidents are common on roads that have damaged surface.

Poor Visibility: Most times, not putting on reflective jackets, especially at night can make a motorcyclist more vulnerable to other road users. Poor weather condition can also lead to poor visibility, resulting in an accident on the road.

Speed Kills: Most riders get carried away on the highway and speed up as though they were the only road user. It is common for youngsters to speed away while riding as they feel it is a time to exercise freedom. Your speed must be considered to ensure your safety on the road. Apparently, speed contributes to over 50% of road accidents and it most often ends in the death of the riders.
Poor Maintenance of the Motorbike: Not properly maintaining your motorcycle could result in an accident. Brake failures, sudden tire deflation, among others are as a result of poor bike maintenance which eventually leads to accidents.
Whatever the reason for your accident, here are useful tips if you are involved in an accident.

Get Cleaned Up

Before doing anything else, make sure you get cleaned up after an accident. Visit the hospital and focus on your recovery because only the living can file a claim.

Get Safety Devices

The severity of an accident could be determined by the quality of the device you put on. Helmets, leather jackets, safety boots, etc. are motorcycle gear that is meant to ensure a riders safety on the highway. Your life on the road may depend on these devices so it is important that you visit a reputable motorcycle shop to purchase high-quality motorcycle gear.

Consult a Motorcycle Accident Specialist to File a Claim

Whether it is a minor or major accident, filing a motorcycle claim is the safest thing to do. Many people make a costly mistake. And what’s that? You’ll hear them say: “I can file a claim on my own.” When filing a motorcycle accident claim, you’ll be asked to provide several pieces of evidence and information that you may not be aware of: in the end, it may prove to be a costly mistake. Alternatively, hiring a professional specialist will increase your chances of success. So, what’s stopping you from hiring one?