It is no secret that motorcycles are naturally more fun and more dangerous than automobiles. Yet, the risks can be reduced if you apply common sense and follow these simple rules.

  • Getting to understand the bike and the road you’ll be riding are two important considerations for any motorbike owner. As different motorcycles have different transmissions so also different roads require different riding approach. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this before you travel.
  • Slow and fast turnings require different methods of body shifting. Honing this skill will help you in your riding quest.

If you own a motorcycle in the UK, there are many beautiful places to spend time with your bike.

Headley Heath

Headley Heath is a wonderful mix of open woodland, heathland, and chalk downland. This natural terrain has a wide network of tracks to explore and it is one of the perfect places in the UK to enjoy traveling with your motorcycle.

The Cuckoo Trail

The Cuckoo Trail joins Hailsham, Polegate, and Heathfield and also passes through the villages of Hellingly and Horam. This 11-mile long trail is one of the best places for a ride in the UK. Make sure you don’t travel at excessively high speeds on this road as you may reduce the amount of contact that is made between the wheels and the road.

Garden of England

Garden of England is a traffic-free route that has several entries and exits. You can ride straight out of London by the Thames before heading down to Dover and then Hastings. In Hastings, you can ride through Downs and Weald route to complete the circuit back to London.

Windsor Great Park

This is a great choice for adventurous riders to enjoy stunning views of Windsor Castle while riding.

South Midlands

South Midlands is a traffic-free route that links Oxford to the cities of the East Midlands. From rolling farmlands to charming market towns and modern cityscapes, expect spectacular views. You can end the circuit in Derby or Nottingham.

Riding in the Rain

It isn’t advisable to ride under hazardous road or weather conditions. Riding in the rain can be an unpleasant experience for motorcycle riders. Sometimes, the weather condition in London can be unpredictable. However, the good news is that it is quite possible to get through harsh weather conditions only when you apply safe riding techniques. Start with control of the motorcycle, and make sure you properly outfitting yourself with rain gear and motorcycle apparel. It is also important that you ride slowly and carefully. Failure to do this may result in unpleasant results. When riding in the rain, it is important that you consider safety as a priority.

Riding in the Snow

Riding in the snow is one condition that can present some ugly challenges to a rider. Motorcycle riders in London run the risk of sliding when riding in snow. In this case, honing proper riding techniques, applying common sense, and wearing the right motorbike gear can keep you safe on a slick road.

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