Had a Motorcycle Accident? Claim Your Accident With a Professional Company

What would the world look like if nobody on the road had accidents, or at least did their part consciously to greatly reduce them? There would be fewer accident claims, of course, and the solicitors put in charge of handling personal injury cases would have to find another area of law to work in.

But we are human with all our flaws and failings, therefore accidents do happen. Sometimes bikers don’t make themselves visible enough. Or if they do, they might have the tendency to ride in a motorist’s blind spot. Then there are the car drivers themselves.

Thanks to our busy lives, motorists can easily be distracted by various things like, say, fiddling with the stereo, shushing a fussy child, or eating on the run, for example. Such distractions can be at the heart of a collision, and people have a bad habit of relying on the SMIDSY excuse if they don’t want to own up to their driving errors.

When drivers don’t take responsibility for what they do or don’t do on the road, and they collide with a biker, then it’s on the rider to file an accident claim with a solicitor.

Expertise & Experience Are Best

There are general road accident or personal injury claims solicitors, but it’s best to file a motorcycle accident with a solicitor who handles those specific types of cases. The reason being is that general road accident or personal injury claims solicitors might not have the level of experience and expertise that a professional group of motorbike claims solicitors might have.

Quite often, the professional companies in the specialist sphere of motorbike claims will be riders themselves, thus having extensive knowledge of the Highway Code, as well as knowing how best to handle your claim, thus getting you as much money as possible out of a win. Additionally, solicitors who ride bikes themselves will be honest with you, letting you know if you have a legitimate claim or not. On top of this, most professional companies will have a no-win-no-fee stipulation. This means if they cannot win you your case, you do not have to pay the solicitors’ fees.

With this type of specialist professional company, you will usually find the team members above-board, with pro-level follow-up at each step of the claim process, be it via text, email or phone.

Choosing a Company

One might think it’s a good idea to only stick with a team of solicitors whose main branch is near your home, but let’s face it: the age of the Internet has been in full swing for a while now, complete with texting and website chat services. Plus, many companies willingly cover large areas. So you really don’t have to worry about ‘staying local’ if you’re in one part of the UK, and the company you choose is all the way in another part of the country.  Unless you want a solicitor who is local, which is perfectly fine, as long as they are honest and will serve your needs well.

Motorcycle accidents happen because we’re human, but not all solicitors are knowledgeable about motorbike claims. All the more reason to hire a specific professional company to not only consult with you as to the legitimacy of a claim, but to provide a proper depth of experience with the Highway Code, and follow up with you once a claim has been successfully made.