To motorists and motorcyclists, the summer months are a period of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should pack up your bikes and stay put. Adaptation during these hot-weather months is important for riders. Most riders enjoy riding during the summer months because they have honed the tricks needed for survival in extreme heat. By following these tips, you’ll be able to survive extreme heat during summer.

Plan Your Journey

The best times to hit the road are during the early morning (before sunrise) and in the evening (during sunset). Planning your journey when the sun is not beating down is recommended for people who hate extreme heat.

If you must journey in the afternoon, then you need to follow these tips.

Remember to Stop and Drink Cold Liquids

The summer season is a period when you have to drink cold liquids when traveling. It is a natural occurrence that happens to everybody. The more you are exposed to sun or extreme heat, the more your body demands for water. For this reason, drinking plenty of water is the best solution to dehydration. Many riders take water bottles along to increase the amount of water available. This helps them to stay hydrated. During this period, it is important that you avoid sweet beverages as they contribute to dehydration.


Your urine colour is a good indicator to know if your body needs more liquid. If it isn’t light-coloured, you need to drink more.

Keep Yourself Cool

Keeping your body (especially your head) wet at all times will enable constant airflow. You may as well carry extra water bottles in case you get severely overheated. Get your body completely wet to drop your core temperature before you continue the journey.

Take a Break

Another helpful way to keep you cool during the hot summer months is to take a break off the road to cool down. Take a timeout to relax for a while before you continue your journey. A gas station or a grocery store is a good place to unwind before you hit the road again.

Good Quality Motorcycle Gear

Protective gears used during the hot summer days are quite different. These safety kits are designed to keep various part of your body from burning. For instance, sunglasses will protect your eyes from sunrays, insects, and foreign objects. Using sunscreen will never go wrong. Sunscreen is a cream spread on the skin to filter out ultraviolet light, thus, protecting your body from sunburn. Wearing bike clothes specifically designed to wick moisture will help to keep you dry while riding. A ventilated helmet is recommended during this period as it helps to ensure good air circulation. Combining these kits may save your life when next you hit the road. Alex Motorcycles is a good place to buy good quality motorcycle gear in the UK.

As a rider, always ensure to look out for these safety tips. Happy safe riding!