Tips To Protect Your Bike From The English Weather

Motorcycle repair and maintenance is an essential part of owning a bike. This is because your bike is constantly exposed to different weather conditions and undergoes a lot of wear and tear that needs to be kept in check. For you to enjoy your bike and extend its lifespan, it is important to have the knowledge of its parts, mode of operation, and general maintenance of your machine.

General Maintenance of your Motorcycle

  1. Fix Anything That Requires Repair

If you discover any part that is partially or fully broken, it is good to fix it while it is still fresh. Failure to fix these problems immediately may affect other parts of the bike which may lead to greater problems in the future.

  1. Remove The Battery Of Your Motorcycle

Discharging is the major problem that any stored battery may face and this may lead to the death of your battery if not attended to immediately. When storing your motorbike for a long period, it is advised that you remove the battery. You want to ensure that your battery does not drain off during the long winter months. Motorcycle batteries have the tendency to lose their charge when left unused for long periods of time. It is recommended that you charge your battery every two weeks while it is stored.

  1. Deterioration Of Fuel

Fuel stored in a motorbike gas tank tends to deteriorate over time. This can lead to a sticky build-up in the gas tank and the entire fuel system. This may eventually make your bike difficult or even impossible to start. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your motorcycle fuel before winter storage.

  1. Change The Engine Oil And Oil Filter

Changing the engine oil and oil filter is another form of maintenance. Used oils contain contaminants that can damage the engine of your bike.

  1. Motorcycle Fluid Levels

This is another important maintenance tip that is neglected by most bike users. The clutch, brake, and coolant levels should be checked and replaced if necessary. Before you take off, let your bike idle for a few minutes so that all fluids will circulate properly.

  1. Bike Cover

During storage, it is important to cover your bike. Bike covers add a layer of protection to your machine, securing it against damaging elements.

Note: When choosing a cover, get one that repels moisture but also allows trapped moisture to escape.

  1. Preserve Your Bike’s Appearance

Thorough washing and polishing of all painted surface of your bike are very important. Apply a conditional to all vinyl, leather, and plastic components. Also, spray light penetrating oil on black exhaust pipes, black painted engine surfaces, and bare metal to enhance the appearance of your bike.

MOT – Ministry of Transport

Basically, the MOT test is conducted to ensure the safety of riders while on the road. It also makes sure your bike is in the right condition to hit the road. The test is regulated by the government and local councils. Riding a bike without an updated MOT record is illegal. It will devalue the insurance and you may not be able to renew your tax disc too.