Bike theft in London: tips to avoid it

Bike thefts in London have been the Over the years, there have been stories of . These are no fairytales, they are real! This increasing rate in London has led to the development of devices and equipment that will help bikers curb this issue. Depending on the value of the bike, the loss may be minimal but to others, it is catastrophic. Indeed, having an expensive bike may be a blessing but in reality, the more valuable your bicycle is the more likely it will become a target adding to the fact that bikes are more prone to theft than vehicles due of their small size. You’d agree that the more valuable one’s bike is, the higher the need for top security.
Though bike theft is inevitable; yet, there are some helpful tips that bikers in London need to learn to avoid bike theft.

1. Locks & Chains
There are two ways to lock your motorcycle:
a. Secure Locks
It is advisable to purchase secure locks (U-shaped) and heavy chains to add the extra security needed to safeguard your bike. This will make it difficult for thieves to steal especially when you work in a high theft area.
b. Steering Locks
In addition to secure locks and chains, steering locks would discourage bike thefts. It is recommended that you purchase steering locks and ignition locks separately.
SAFE PRACTICE: In the event that you go out with your friend, locking your bike with his’ or hers’ will make it more difficult for the opportunist.

2. Bike Alarm
It is only a desperate and foolish bike thief that will still carry out his mission when a bike alarm starts screaming. Thanks to technology, advancements have been made in the kind of sound that is set off when the bike is moved. Nowadays, bike alarms perform more tasks than trigger sounds. Some systems can send the owners text message when the alarm has been activated. In many cases, bike alarm systems louder sounds, shock sensors, and digital tilt which determine if the bike is under threat.

3. Tracking Devices
Just like motorcycle alarm, GPS technology is another great tool to install on your bike. If stolen, it can be easily traced and found. Some GPS technology providers monitor the precise location of their clients’ bikes; however, this can be quite expensive in London.

NOTE: When installing tracking devices on your motorcycle, make sure they fit in spaces that are not readily noticeable else, smart thieves will have it removed and that is goodbye to your bike.

4. Never Leave Any Attractive Thing On Your Motorcycle
Sometimes, the objects found on your motorcycle can attract thieves. Don’t give them a chance; hide every piece that needs to be hidden in the motorcycle compartment to avoid opportunists running away with your bike.
In general, the safety of a bike lies in the hands of its rider. It is your sole responsibility to monitor your bike, especially in public events. Make sure you check your motorcycle periodically and react immediately to any suspicious movement or individuals hanging around. It only takes less than 5 minutes steal your motorcycle, so be vigilant!