Tips for riding your motorcycle through the city

Riding a motorcycle isn’t all about your skills and the beauty of your bike. It also requires you to be disciplined and more cautious about safety as your life depends on it. In this article, we will highlight some tips to ensure you safe riding through the city.

  1. Using Indicators

Indicators are essential features in motorcycles. They are safety lights designed to warn other road users of your intention to turn or change lanes.

  1. Use Proper Motorcycle Gear

When you ride your motorcycle, you expose yourself to different elements that may hinder you from having an enjoyable ride if you are not prepared. You’ll want to make sure you have the proper motorcycle gear to keep you safe. Using proper rain gear during the rain can help keep your stress level down, which will prevent you from becoming distracted due to being wet from the rain. Wearing a helmet and other safety gear can minimize the severity of injuries.

  1. Don’t Get in Between Vehicles

The most important tip for motorcycle riders in traffic is to be patient and constantly scout their environment. Getting in between vehicles can affect your movement, especially in a high volume traffic situation. Regardless of the road situation and other variables, it is important to maintain your speed and never get in between vehicles.

  1. Turning

This is another important aspect of riding a motorcycle. This is because the way your motorcycle handles in turns is determined by several factors such as weight. If you are not riding alone (with a passenger) and you need to make a turn, calculate your overall weight and make sure he/she doesn’t lean on the opposite direction as you make the turn. You do not want to increase the risk of getting into a crash. This is why your motorcycle has to be in top condition as incorrect handling in turns can cause instability.

  1. Reduce Your Speed

The road through the city isn’t created for just you alone; there are other riders, drivers, and passengers too. Therefore, riding at high speed is very dangerous. No matter how urgent or late your schedule is, never ride extremely fast. As the saying goes, it is better you arrive late and safe than not arriving at all.

  1. Never Ride Under The Influence of Alcohol

Those who ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs do not value their life. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any drug, it is best for you to sit back and take a nap. Else, you find your skill and body functionality weakened by these toxic substances. More so, this may lead to overexcitement and your vision being compromised. In fact, it is not advisable to ride a motorcycle when you are too tired.

  1. Obeying Traffic Lights

To reduce the risk of being a victim of a motorcycle accident, it is important that you obey the traffic rules. You need to be well educated to know the meaning of each traffic light.

  • Red indicates “Stop”
  • Green means “Go”
  • Amber/Yellow signifies “Proceed With Caution”