Avoiding motorcycle accidents is what most riders wish they had done. According to crash statistics, one of the major causes of motorcycle crash is careless driving. It could be as a result of someone picking up a cell phone and texting in the middle of the road. There is no room for this kind of habit when riding on the road.


Mistakes can be costly and this can result in property damage, live loss, and even permanent injuries. This is why it is important for motorcyclists to take certain precautions to avoid careless mistakes and accidents on road trips. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Drinking and Riding

You don’t need someone to tell you about this. Drinking and riding a motorcycle has not only taken a lot of lives but will still take more. Avoid this habit; never make this common mistake when riding your motorcycle.

  1. Trailing Closely

It is an unsafe conduct to follow other vehicles from a close range. You have no idea what to expect from the vehicles ahead of you; more so, you may eventually find yourself in an uncontrollable situation like brake failure. Also make sure you avoid overtaking unless there is a reasonable space between you and other road users.

  1. Regarding Other Drivers As Professionals

This is an awful mistake to avoid. Never regard other road users as professionals because even professionals make silly mistakes. Always assume they are going to make mistakes while they are driving.

  1. Failing To Guide Your Way In Case of Dense Fog

If there should be a case of dense fog, ride on the left side of the road. Else, pull over and wait for a safe time. Don’t forget to make use of your motorcycle’s blinkers and beam headlight. Riding in dense fog is dangerous because you are absolutely invisible. If you have no genuine reason for riding in rain and fog, please stay put, and follow the weather report before riding out.

  1. Be Visible

When you are riding a bike on the road, make sure you are visible by the pedestrians, vehicle drivers and other road users. Not doing this will only increase the risk of motorcycle accidents as you will be invisible. To avoid this mistake, you should put on bright colored cloths when riding on your motorcycle. This is very important, especially during the late night. Headlights should not be ignored; it should be used to enhance your visibility.

  1. Never Gas Up When Uncertain

When you are in doubt about whether or not you have enough gas fuel for your bike, gas up in the next gas station. The majority of bikes are designed with small fuel tanks, meaning they can’t ride for long distances. In this manner, it will be challenging for a biker to refuel when riding across rural tracts of the highway. To avoid this, fuel up at the next gas station if your tank is half-full.