Selling your motorcycle? How to get most from it

Now you want to sell your motorcycle, but you are wondering how you can get the most of it. This article highlights a few tips on how to prepare your bike for sale.


Before you can attract potential buyers, you have to ensure that your motorcycle is neat and properly maintained. Before you notify the public about selling your bike, you have to make sure your motorcycle take its newest look. A clean and well-polished motorcycle will not only attract buyers but also save you the stress of massive publicity and advertisement. If you can’t do this on your own, take it to the car and bike service centers where it will be properly taken care of.


Now that your bike is well-kept and alluring, it is time to give an accurate description of your motorcycle. Write down the make, the model, the year, and the features. To capture buyers’ interest, it is important that you include the best features of your bike. Also, use words such as “fairly used”, “brand new,” and so on when describing the bike and ensure that you use only complete sentences when writing out your description.


Include professional photos of your bike; they help sell the product faster as long as it is in good shape. The more photos you can add the better chances you have. Clear and professional photos give the potential buyer a visual clue about your motorcycle. If you fail to include photos in your ad, the majority of questions you will receive will be “can I see the photos of your bike?” – and this is a waste of time and effort.


There are different ways of advertising your motorcycle to the public. Quick note: never underestimate the power of advertising; a good and effective advertisement can help in selling your bike quickly. On your advertisement, there are certain things that need to be included such as the specific features/description, mileage, and other necessary details as mentioned above. If you have upgraded or replaced any part, you may also include every piece. While advertising, you can use keywords such as fully loaded, garage kept, well maintained, one owner, etc. All these are but techniques to help you’re your bike faster.

You can use “words of mouth” to advertise your bike. This is a method of advertising whereby you use your mouth to tell people about your interest in selling your bike. Tell your friends and family that you are selling your motorcycle then they will extend the message to their friends and family as well and like that. This method is economical but can only cover for a certain number of people, most likely in your neighborhood.

Another way is to place it in front of your house with a “for sale” post. When potential clients see the post, they stop by and take a look at it, and if they are interested, they ask questions and further negotiation.

You can also sell your bike online or in the newspaper.