Riding on the rain? Here some tips to avoid an accident

Riding in the rain requires a different approach. As a motorcyclist, you need to change your riding habits and learn more about how to drive safer while you are in the rain. Wet roads are dangerous as it leaves so many hazardous situations for road users. However, a motorcyclist can safely ride perfectly in rainy conditions if he can keep good visibility in the rain. Considering how often poor visibility has cost so many road accidents, clear visibility is more important for not only bikers but for all road users.
Here are some tips on how to keep good visibility in the rain.
⇨ To ensure good visibility in the rain, use a soaked soft towel and gentle liquid (do not use harsh chemicals) to wash your helmet. This removes all the dirt and debris that will limit your vision in the rain. You don’t want to ride with a foggy helmet.

⇨ Helmet stickers may obstruct your vision when riding in the rain. You want to remove them before hitting the wet roads. If you have stickers on your helmet, remove them gently by rubbing them with sticker removals or alcohol.

⇨ The faster you ride, the poorer your vision and the less control you have over your motorcycle. When riding in the rain or at any time, it is important that you avoid excessive speed. Don’t ride too fast and do not ride too slow, just maintain a steady speed rate. Your motorcycle can easily slide when you least expect it.

⇨ Riding in the rain needs full attention. Not being comfortable with any of your motorcycle gear can make you lose focus. There are jackets specifically designed for rainy weather. They are made to retain heat and prevent you from getting beat up by the rain.

⇨ To ensure safety and promote traction, make sure you keep your tires in top condition. Wet roads are usually the slipperiest and a substandard tire will fail when maneuvering. You should check the pressure and visual aspect of your bike tires before taking off.

⇨ More importantly, make your bike visible on the road to avoid a collision as downpour limit visibility. Motorcycle headlights are not just designed for decorative purposes, they are meant to make seeing in the dark easier and possible. At times, thick darkness covers the sky whenever it rains severely, making it difficult for one to see your motorcycle. A high-functioning headlight and brake light will make you more visible to other road users. It is your responsibility as a motorcyclist to check headlights, tail lights, and indicators whenever it is raining.
Safety First
Always plan your journey and carry out routine test before you hit the road. Make sure your motorcycle is in good physical condition especially during the violent rain. Rain has various manifestations, sometimes, it is manageable but in severe cases where you can’t really see, you might just want to pull over. Delay is better than riding dangerously – think safety first!