Tips to store your motorcycle and avoid weather like damage on your bike

Due to the ice, snow, and cold, the winter months have become a popular time for bikers to store their motorcycles. In fact, most bikers will take a break from their machines for a number of months. Notwithstanding, there are other reasons why you can store your motorcycle. Regardless of that reason, you wouldn’t like to experience disappointment when you get your motorcycle fired up again after storage. To avoid this, it is best to learn tips that will help you store your bike, keep it protected and in optimum condition to hit the road again. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider when storing your motorcycle.

  1. Cover

If you no longer need your motorbike for a long period of time, then you have to store it. During storage, it is important to cover it with a motorcycle cover so as to prevent dust, dirt, and weather-like damages.

  1. Protecting the Exhaust Components

When storing your motorcycle, it is recommended that you protect the exhaust components against debris and moisture. Bikers spray a type of oil called “WD40” into the pipes as protection against moisture, thereby preventing rust. To ensure debris protection, stuff plastic bags into the holes of the tubes in a way that they can be easily removed when you are ready to use your bike.

  1. Oil and Filter

It is a good measure to change the oil and the filter before storing your motorcycle. If not done, the older oil can develop acid compounds (impurities) that will eventually be drained off. This is important, as conducting an oil/filter change before storage can help to increase the longevity of your motorcycle engine.

  1. Battery

The battery is another important component of your motorcycle that has to be stored properly. It is best to remove the battery from your bike and store it in a controlled stable environment, precisely at room temperature. Storing your motorcycle battery at room temperature will preserve its lifespan.

Note: When storing your bike, make sure the battery is not connected.

  1. Tires

A good tip for your motorcycle tires is to keep them off the cold and frozen ground. The tires are not designed to withstand the cold floor on a spot over a period of time. To preserve the lifespan of your tires, use your motorcycle stand. In case of any snow or flooding, you can mount several layers of flat wood blocks under the tires to keep it up much higher. This will also prevent the formation of any hard spots due to the cold floor.

  1. Overall Check after Storage

Indeed, it may take a long time before you use your bike again and the excitement of firing up your motorcycle immediately after storage is real. However, it is a good practice that you give your motorbike a full check before using it again. Anything that may have gone wrong during storage will be detected and corrected by you.

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