Filing motorcycle accident claim with us

Without motorcycle accidents, there will be no such claim. Statistics show that a motorcyclist is about 45 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than a car driver. Usually, a head injury is often the most cause of death. Other reasons for these accidents are poor road conditions, negligence by rider or unforeseen circumstances. This daily increasing number of accidents has brought about an increase in motorcycle accident claims which have made some insurance provider stricter when it comes to motorcycle accident claims. If you are up against one of these, you need a skilled solicitor to get the best shot.

Not to discourage you but speaking in all fairness, dealing with a motorcycle accident claim on your own is a complicated task that will leave you with a mountain to climb. Whatever the reason for your accident, it is important that you respond quickly by hiring a professional solicitor who specializes in road injury claims to make sure you get the rightful compensation for your injuries.

A professional solicitor:

  • is someone who has vast experience on this sort of issues and have had success in the past
  • knows every personal injury law pertaining to motorcycle accidents
  • can negotiate with corporate lawyers to fight for the rightful compensation of his/her client
  • knows the value of an injury and can also calculate the cost of putting your bike back into top condition



There are some general things to take note of during a motorcycle accident before making a claim.

Take Photos

Take photos of the mishap from different angles involving people, the damage done, and all of the vehicles involved in the scene.

Have Detailed Report of What Happened

Firstly, always make sure you have a detailed report of the accident along with sketches of how it happened. No matter how small an injury might be, when properly reported and outlines can be successful.

Get Potential Witnesses

There are always witnesses in virtually every road accident. Seek their observation about the accident and try to get their contact information if they are willing. Depending on the situation, your solicitors may need every useful tool available.

File a Claim at Alex Motorcycle’s Accident Claim

Alex Motorcycle’s Accident Claim provides a UK wide service covering motorcycle accident claim. Our solicitors specialize in road injury claims and are vastly experienced in negotiating these sorts of things. We handle all aspects of your claim and get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Our solicitors’ fees are paid by the other party’s insurers, dealing directly with the other party’s insurers, so our service is totally free for you.

Safety Tip: It is true that accidents cannot be averted yet the impact can greatly be reduced. Safe riding is the ultimate tip to avoid risky or life-taking accidents. However, in the event that you find yourself in this misfortune, make a claim today!