There are many different things you should practice on your bike on a regular basis. Learning and maintenance are two important factors to consider. There is no limit to what you can learn; in fact, the learning process is unending. Maintenance is very important when it comes to riding a bicycle. When you learn new safety tips on how to maintain your bicycle, you are sure to experience safe riding always.

Here are a few riding tips to ensure safety when riding a bike.

Overall Check

No matter how excited you are the thing to ensure your safety is to completely check if your bike is in order. Check your wheels, tires, brakes, and make sure they are in good condition without signs of damage or crack before riding out.

Always Put On a Helmet

Even the most experienced cyclist use a helmet. This importance of this protective device cannot be overlooked but unfortunately, most people neglect its value. Wearing a helmet is one thing, wearing one that shows no sign of wear and tear is another. Old helmets and ones that have been involved in an accident should be replaced with new ones.

Avoid Tailgating

Another safety tip while riding a bike is to avoid tailgating. Tailgating is an act of following another vehicle at a dangerously close distance. This should be avoided because you don’t know the condition of the vehicle in front of you. This has accounted for a number of accidents in the UK. Brake failure and the shortage of space are two possible occurrences in such cases. Therefore, it is recommended that you should maintain adequate distance from other road users whenever you are on the road.

Drive Defensively at All Times

Riding at an uncontrollable top speed doesn’t make you a professional. Learn to ride at a speed that convenient for you; slow down when it matters, and drive defensively at all times. Remember, your safety depends on you. Don’t let carelessness determine your safety when riding.

Overtaking a Bicycle

A combination of the aforementioned tips should be observed before overtaking a bicycle. Make sure that your bike is in top condition, put on a helmet in case of collision, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and drive carefully. There are other important factors to note before overtaking a bicycle; ensure that there are no upcoming vehicles when you want to overtake. Also, take note of the speed of the user you want to overtake. You don’t want to begin an unannounced racing competition on a busy road – this can be catastrophic.


Adding a few safety devices on your bike is very important. When you visit Alex Motorcycles, you will find top-quality motorcycle gear and devices that will keep you out of harm’s way.

In summary, it is a good idea to observe road courtesy and good riding behaviors. Never ride a bike when you are drunk or when you are not in top condition to ride. An easy way to enjoy your ride is to smile when you make that turn when you are given space.