As a motorcycle owner, keep in mind that your machine is your responsibility. It is important that you protect your motorcycle by taking proper care of it. Keeping your motorbike new will ensure that you take full advantage of its capabilities.

Here are a few motorcycle maintenance tips that you need in order to keep your motorcycle new for the upcoming riding season.

Check the Lights

Lights are important visual components that ensure safety when riding in the dark. This safety device is just as important as the other parts of the motorcycle. Check your lights before and after every ride and make sure they are not broken or damaged. Lights must be working properly at all times in order to make you visible to other road users. If you need a replacement for motorcycle lights, Alex Motorcycles is the best place to visit.

Clean the Air Filter

The air filter is another important part of a motorcycle that needs to be properly maintained. In fact, it is dangerous to overlook this component as failure to keep it clean at all time may result in engine damage. If your motorbike’s air filter is dirty and clogged, you will experience power loss, reduced gas mileage and/or even engine knock. In summary, a clean and dirt-free motorcycle air filter will ensure that your engine performs faster, better and long lasting. A good way to keep your motorcycle new and efficient is to change or service the air filter.

Washing Your Motorcycle

Proper cleaning of your motorcycle makes it shiny and new. Keeping it attractive at all times will make it easier for you in the event that you desire to sell it. The first thing to do while cleaning is to rinse off the bike to get rid of any dirt. Use a soft sponge and soap to thoroughly clean the entire body, including the seat. A power washer can be used for really dirty parts. Cleaning is important as it gives you the opportunity to check your motorbike for any problem or damage. Once you observe any spot or damage on any component, endeavor to fix it immediately. If you can’t, Alex Motorcycles will be happy to help you.

Check Your Oil Level

As a motorcycle rider, you should check your oil level before hitting the road. Consider changing your oil once you discover that there is insufficient oil in your bike. Fresh oil is needed to ensure that your engine is protected. Oil helps to lubricate the engine and other internal components; the longer the distance the faster it tends to become dirty. Changing the oil will keep your motorcycle engine operating smoothly. Beware of fake oils as they can reduce engine performance and even damage the engine. Alex Motorcycles is a good place to buy engine oil for your motorcycle.