A motorcycle is an important investment that has to be protected because losing it may cost you a whole lot. Protecting your bike is very important especially for those living in a high-crime area. Parking it in the wrong spot for a long time may be the last time you’ll see your machine. Motorcycle thieves are constantly implementing different strategies just to take your precious investment away from you. You wouldn’t give them the chance, would you? To prevent motorcycle theft, you need to learn some effective ways on how you can ensure the safety of your bike. There are different methods and techniques on how to protect your bike; however, your location may determine what method(s) will be the most effective for you. We have highlighted five different techniques for you to follow.

Parking Tips

Whenever you park your bike, make it a habit to park on different spots. Avoid parking in the same spot always. You never know who might be taking note of your activities. In addition, it is not a wise idea to park in the dark. Parking in the dark makes it easier for thieves to take your motorcycle away.


There are three important locks that can help to protect your bike.

As the name implies, a chain lock is used to prevent the chain from turning. Using this safety method means that your motorcycle won’t move until the lock is taken off – of which you have the keys.

Steering lock is a major defense that will discourage thieves from stealing your motorcycle. This lock makes it difficult for thieves as it secures the steering, making it impossible to maneuver.

The third type of lock security is the ignition lock which is used to prevent the engine from running.

It is important that you use separate keys for these locks. Also, it is a safe idea to use a combination of two or three locks. Knowing that he’ll have to overcome two to three locks to prevail is discouraging.

Alarm System

This is a simple yet effective method of protecting your bike from thieves. An alarm system, when triggered (if someone tries to steal it), makes a loud noise that notifies the owner.

Never Leave Attractive Things in Your Motorcycle

Attractive items and motorcycle gears can invite thieves to your motorcycle. Leaving your safety boots, and helmet exposed may cost your bike. Ensure that you hide these items in the motorcycle compartment.



GPS Tracking Devices

Perhaps, this is the most advanced way of protecting your bike. GPS systems are effective tools that are commonly used by motorcycle owners in the UK. The use of this system allows you to track the location of your bike. It works in two ways:

  • pinpoint your exact location
  • direct you when you are lost

Investing in a GPS tracking device is very important for the safety of your bike. Amazingly, you can get the best GPS tracking devices from Alex Motorcycles.